First day of matches

First day of matches

Today, 19th of June, was the first day of matches of the European Football Championship for prison staff EURO4PRISON2018, 14th edition.

The day started with the match between Slovakia and Turkey, which ended up with a score of 1:0 for Slovakia. At 11:30 am, on the field came up the teams of Poland and Moldova, ending with a equality of 1:1.

In the evening, on the field came the teams of prison staff from Czech Republic meeting Romania and Bulgaria with Estonia, finishing games with the score of 5:0 and 2:0.

It was a great day with nice passes, firm goals to the opponent’s gates, lots of tension for the supporters, high temperatures and without significant trauma.

Tomorrow, the games will be disputed, as follows: Czech Republic-Bulgaria, România-Estonia, Slovakia-Poland and Turkey-Moldova.

19 Jun 2018